All our services includes DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION, WEB HOSTING, Periodic Maintenance and Back-ups and FREE MAIL SETUP. We may also process an upgrade to a Premium G-Suite email at anytime too.


The product showcase website will have a several pages featuring your company and your products.


The BLOG site is powered by WordPress and can be a stand alone website or incorporated to your business website. Talk to us and ask us about GREAT VALUE BLOG SITES!


An e-commerce site can be included in your business website or just a stand alone website. Our e-commerce site has a simple inventory management that will help you avoid selling more than what you have on stock. Payment is via PayPal.

Online System

Tell us what you need and we will give you options how to implement it. Online systems price depends on the complexity of the project and the timeline the project needs to be finished.


We can collaborate, too! Let your IT and our IT Team work together to build your system or website. We also have AGILE certified Project Managers and Scrum Masters to ensure we deliver value on time.